3.75m Vertical Remote Multideck Fridge, Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator

3.75m Vertical Remote Multideck Fridge, Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator

3.75M Vertical Remote Multideck Fridge , Commercial Glass CZPT Refrigerator


Viewing is believing!
Anyone acquiring meat and sensitive meals merchandise buys them not only for their flavour but also their freshness.  
The I7 Cronus multi deck fridge with glass doors provides temperature stability while conveying a feeling of substantial merchandise price to shoppers, but its design is much from obtrusive. Its simple-access ergonomic hinged doors signifies opening and closing is a one, satisfying motion of the hand. The massive glass surfaces ensure fantastic merchandise visibility. Equipped with modern day thermopane glass, they produce a sustainable reduction in power consumption and hold down functioning charges.

I7 Cronus glass door multideck fridge is ideally ideal for clean meat items and sausages. With the I7 Cronus glass doorway multideck fridge, high quality merchandise are demonstrated at their ideal.

Major Functions:

⇒ Extremely reduced entrance foundation design
⇒ High-visibility triple glazed door with complete lenght door handle
⇒ Integral aluminum self-heated door frame
⇒ Vertical vitality-saving cupboard LED lighting 
⇒ Intelligent electronic temperature controller with automobile defrosting
⇒ Larger evaporation temperature with more than-sized copper pipe fin variety evaporator
⇒ Drastically lower power consumption with the excellent insulation glass doors
⇒ Adjustable weighty duty shelving with price tag tags, offering adaptable show approaches and huge show spot
⇒ Remote Copeland Scroll or Bitzer Semi-airtight Condensing Device, making a better shopping knowledge
⇒ Various models can be simply assembled together to make a prolonged exhibit freezer.
⇒ CZPT Color


Product I7 CRONUS 375
CONDENSING Unit Kind Remote Copeland or Bitzer
TEMPERATURE Range ~+10°C / -18~-23°C
Door Amount five CZPTs
SHELF Quantity five Levels, Adjustable
VOLTAGE 220V – 240V, 380V
Product DIMENSION (MM) 3750w) x 930(d) x 2050(h)
PACKING Dimensions (MM) 3870(w) x 1050(d) x 2200(h)

I7 CRONUS Sequence:

Product Dimensions (MM) Capacity (L) Temerature Range (ºC) CZPT Qty Refrigeration Kind Loading Qty/40HQ
I7 CRONUS a hundred and fifty 1500*930*2050 900 ~+10/-18~-23 2 CZPTs Ventilated, Distant 11PCS
I7 CRONUS 225 2250*930*2050 1350 ~+10/-eighteen~-23 3 CZPTs Ventilated, Distant 10PCS
I7 CRONUS three hundred 3000*930*2050 1800 ~+ten/-eighteen~-23 4 CZPTs Ventilated, Distant 6PCS
I7 CRONUS 375 3750*930*2050 2250 ~+ten/-eighteen~-23 five CZPTs Ventilated, Distant 6PCS
I7 CRONUS Finish sixty*930*2050 Finish Panel Alternatives: Clear Glass(only for Cooler), Mirror, Sound
Remote Condensing Unit Copeland Scroll, Bitzer Semi-Airtight Compressor


3.75m Vertical Remote Multideck Fridge, Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator