Electric Centrifugal Submersible Slurry Pump

Electric Centrifugal Submersible Slurry Pump

CZPT Centrifugal Submersible Slurry Pump

Overall performance:
Title: NP-ZJQ Submersible Slurry Pump
Pump Type: Submersible centrifugal slurry pumps
Power: Motor
Discharge Dimensions: 80mm-400mm
Capacity: 25m3/h-2000m3/h
CZPT: 12m-60m
Naipu® NP-ZJQ submersible Slurry motor pump is a kind of hydraulic system which motor connects straight with pump. The pump adopts superb materials, advanced construction, and it is with extensive flowing passage & strong shipping and delivery ability. The hydraulic areas are wear-resistant. The pump is nevertheless concluded with management unit. The pump established is composed of primary impeller and vice impeller. The major impeller is utilised for absorbing and providing strong-liquid combination, the vice impeller is utilized for spraying or stirring sound-liquid mixture to support the impeller delivering. 

Common Programs:

Providing Liquid Sand, Coal Cinder Sound
Clearing The Mud In Lake, River, Sea
Dredging Widening Channel

1. Power Cable 12. Oil Sealing
2. Cable Cover thirteen. CZPTr Sleeve
three. Cable Seat fourteen. Casing Include
four. Motor Include 15. Casing
5. Thermal Sensor 16. Impeller
six. Stator 17. Wear Ring
7. Rotor eighteen. Strainer
8. Reduced CZPT 19. Agitator
nine. Float Swap twenty. Impeller Cap
ten. Oil Chamber 21. Foundation Plate
11. Mechanical Seal 22. Management Cable

Submersible Slurry Pump Programs: 

Shijiazhung NaiPu Pump Co., Ltd Is specialized in the manufacture and sales of all sorts slurry pump and pump elements. for more than 20 years.our merchandise are broadly used in mining, energy, metallurgy, coal, dreading creating material and other industril lineds to pump concentrate, tailings , sludge, and other abrasive,large density slurries. 
 The principal Products As follows:

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HangCZPT Naipu Pump Co.,Ltd
Pump  type Functionality Main Application Attribute
ZJ(R)Slurry Pump Ability:-5300 m3/h
Discharge:1-18 Inch
Electricity: Motor/Diesel
Material: High Chrome alloy or Nature Rubber
DriveType: ZVZ/CRZ/CV/DC
Liquid temperature up to 90°C
Minerals Flotation Processing
CZPT Factory Coal Preparation
Coal Washing
Chemical Medium Processing
Effluent Handling
Sand And Gravel Handling
1.Type ZJ(R) slurry pumps are cantilevered,horizontal,centrifugal pumps
2.Fully Interchange with world Famous Brand
3. Made Anti wear and Anti-corrosive Material
4. Can installed in multistage series
ZJM Medium Duty Slurry Pump Capacity:540-1228 m3/h
Discharge:8 Inch
Electricity: Motor/Diesel
Material: High Chrome alloy or Nature Rubber
Drive Type: ZVZ/CRZ/CV/DC
Liquid temperature up to 90°C
Dense media transfer
Dense media make-up
Bottom boiler and fly ash
Ferrosilicon make up
Thickener underflow
one. slurry pumps and spare parts could fully interchange with world famous brand.
two. Can installed in multistage series
3. designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive and corrosive slurries.
ZJ(H)High CZPT Slurry Pump Potential:sixteen.2-1008 m3/h
Power: Motor/Diesel
Material: High Chrome alloy 
Drive Type: ZVZ/CRZ/CV/DC
Liquid temperature up to 90°C
Tailings Delivery
Cyclone Feed
Diamond Concentrate
Slag Granulation
Bottom Boiler and Fly Ash
Mill Discharge
four. Designed to produce high heads per stage at high Pressures.
five. Capable of handing medium size particles and pumping at heads in excess of 90m per stage
6. Adoptable of gland seal or expeller Seal
7. Can installed in multistage series
ZJD Low-Abrasive Slurry Pump Capability:two.34-7920 m3/h
Electrical power: Motor/Diesel
Substance: High Chrome/ Rubber
Drive Type: ZVZ/CRZ/CV/DC
Chemical Process
Heavy Minerals
Plant Water Supply
Thickener Overflow
Paper and Pulp
Slag Granulation
1. Attractive initial cost.
2. High speed Operation
3. Small Volumes saving floor Area
4. Gland Seal And Centrifugal Seal
ZJS(H) Gravel Pump Capacity:36-2232m3/h
Electricity: Motor/Diesel
Material: High Chrome/NI-Difficult
Drive Type: ZVZ/CRZ/CV/DC
Slag Granulation
Suction Hopper Dredging
Barge Loading
Sand Reclamation
Sugar Beet
1.Single Casing, Wide Wet Passage
two.designed for continuous pumping of extremely aggressive slurries
3.Easy Installation and operation, 
four.Good performance of NPSH And Abrasion-resistance
5.Type ZJSH Pump are of high head ones
ZJG Slurry Pump Capability:fifteen.8-342.3L/S
CZPT:twenty-100M m
Power: Motor/Diesel
Substance: High Chrome/NI-Difficult
Drive Type: CRZ
Max Pressure: 3.6Mpa
Handling The Mixture Abrasive Solids
CZPT Power
Mine Coal
CZPTal Material
Chemical Industry
1.CAD modern design,super hydraulic performance,high efficiency and lower abrasion rate
2.Wide passage, non-clogging and good performance of NPSH
three. Free of leakage
four.Reliability design 
five.Can be Installed Multistage 
ZG Slurry Pump Ability: 90-2400m3/h
Power: Motor/Diesel
Substance: High Chrome
Drive Type: CRZ/DCZ/ZVZ/CV
CZPT Power
CZPTal Material
Mine Coal
Coal washing
Sand Reclamation
Sugar Beet
1.Used international advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow theory
2.Lower noise and vibration
three.Long service life
4.concentration of weight: 45%(ash)
WS Dredging Pump Capability: 180-25000m3/h
CZPT:twenty five-76mm
Discharge:a hundred-1000mm
Electricity: Motor/Diesel
Materials: High Chrome
Drive Type:  DCZ 
Suction Hopper Dredging
CZPTal Material
Sand gravel processing
Barge Loading
Sand Reclamation
Dredging and damming of the river and sea
one.Light weight,good wear-resistant,
Super dredging performance 
2. Suited for the dredge on the whole construction ,high multiple economy benefits and so on .
3. It throughout meets requirements of the dredge to dredging pumps 
ZJW Feeding pumps Capacity: 30-305m3/h
CZPT:43.5-ninety one.8mm
Electricity: Motor
Substance: High Chrome
Drive Type:  DC
coal washery,
environmental protection,
aluminum factory,
smelting plant etc.
one.ZJW series filter press feeding pump accept unique hydraulic design and installation mode of the impeller
2.Use in the filter press feed 
three. large capacity, low pressure feeding 
and low capacity,high pressure filter.
ZJL(R) Vertical Slurry Pump Capacity: 5.four-247.5L/S
Electrical power: Motor
Materials: High Chrome/Rubber
Drive Type:  DC/BD
Sump drainage washdown
Floor drainage
Mill sumps
Carbon transfer
Magnetite mixing
1.Vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps submerged in sump to work.
two.No need of any shaft seal and sealing water.
3.Can also be operated normally for insufficient suction duties
ZJQ submersible Slurry pump  Capacity: 25-2000M3/H
Electricity: Motor
Material: Hard Metal
Delivering Liquid Sand, 
Coal Cinder Solid
Clearing The Mud In Lake, River, Sea
Dredging Widening Channel
one.The pump adopts excellent material, advanced structure, and it is with wide flowing passage & strong delivery ability.
2.The hydraulic parts are wear-resistant. 
ZJF froth Pump Potential: 7.two-330 M3/H
Power: Motor
Material:High Chrome/rubber
Minerals Flotation Processing
Handle Frothy Slurries
one.Designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive and corrosive frothy slurries
2.They have a vertical shaft configuration, and comprise a hopper, with vertical CZPT Assembly,

Electric Centrifugal Submersible Slurry Pump