Epmr Samll Orbit Motor

Epmr Samll Orbit Motor

Blince Hydrolic Motor OMR 160 Series  Is Popularly  Applied:
-Winch in boat  -CZPT Injection Moulding Machine  –sweeper machine
– lawn mower -road line marker-wheat harvest  machine  and other mild equipment

common attribute
one.high pressurre of shaft seal 
reely disassemble leakage 
3.phosphating coating to protect from rusting
.needle bearing 
5.OMR 160 Can be Suitable With  OMR160 +MS MR /MLHR + White 
WR/255 Collection

-1.blince manufactured factory estblish i n nineteen seventies , we are complete experience to technological adis for hydraulic motor omr /omrs/omm /omp/omph/omt/omv/oms/omsy/okay/oz/ 6kseries  & vane pump( PV2R, VQ ,V ,SQP Collection.pump cartridge)

-2.we own ourself brand  in 2571 several years “blince” ,to enlarge  name plate attempts ,also support customization

-3. our get monitor data ” &  perfomance certification . please entre in the “business profile portion ” to seek 



if you have any requests ,to get from us !!  i am so happy to give our  best  services

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Epmr Samll Orbit Motor