Rubber Kneader Machine X N-110

Rubber Kneader Machine X  N-110

X(S)N-Series Banbury Rubber Dispersion Kneader Mixer

Title: Rubber Kneader & Banbury Mixer & Dispersion Kneader

Essential word: Rubber kneader

Type: 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 35L, 55L, 75L, 110L.

Use: Effective mixing of the rubber materials in rubber processing line.

Certification: SGS CE, as properly as CZPT: 2008

Customers: More than 20 areas, Asia, CZPTpe, North The us, South The us

Mixing chamber:

It is composed of a “W” condition physique and two aspect boards manufactured of large high quality steel plates by indicates of extrusion forming and welding, which are jacked to take the movement of cooling water or steam. It is plated with difficult chrome on its inside partitions.

Thermal Resistance:

There is a plug-in thermal resistance in center section of the base of the chamber to be connected to electrical method to inspect and screen the temperate.


It is made to the hollow blades of Banbury variety. The hollows are connected with axial hole of rotor shaft employed as cooling or heating passage. The prime edges of blades and the stop faces of ~ rotor shaft are floor welded with cobalt-foundation challenging alloy and grinding, then plating with tough chrome and sharpening.

Cooling/heating technique:

A frequent piping technique is adopted for possibly cooling or heating materials in mixing procedure. Through the technique cooling water or steam is fed in 3 methods to the cavities of the rotors blades, the mixing chamber and the top ram.

Tilting mechanism:

It is composed of a rotor with brake, cycloidal equipment reducer, TP kind worm and worm equipment, and so on…It is ready to actuate the mixing chamber tilting by 140° About the entrance rotors.

Dust sealing device:

At the joint amongst the leading of the mixing chamber and the cantilevered arm of the machine frame, the dust sealing assemblies with curved slotted partings are utilised acquiring an outstanding and dependable sealing purpose.

The stop experience of the rotor is sealed by end contact sealing with nor oil-lubrication and is seals well and is use-resistant and tough.

Main driving method:

The component is made up with main motor, reducer, connecting gears. It realizes odd-speed rotation of the rotors with operating encounter 1 other.

Hard Equipment Gearbox, six degree meshing

Pneumatic handle technique:

Pneumatic control method is controlled by XG buy. The bi-directional air cylinder can make the ram up or down. In scenario the in excess of load occurs in the mixing chamber, the best ram can be elevated immediately or manually if necessary, so as to shield motor from overload.

CZPT management program

CZPTed PLC system and electric manage components which are all imported products or imported engineering products are adopted in the electric powered handle system as to elevate control reliability.

Variety of interior mixer 10L 20L 35L 55L 75L 110L
Mixing chamber volume(L) 10L 20L 35L 55L 75L 110L
Primary motor power(kw) 15KW 37KW 55KW 75KW 110KW 160KW
Tilting motor electrical power(kw) .75KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 3.75KW five.5KW
Diameter of cylinder(mm) a hundred and sixty two hundred 250 300 350 420
Dust collector motor electricity(kw) _ .375KW 1.5KW one.5KW one.5KW 2.2KW
Tilling angle a hundred and forty a hundred and forty one hundred forty a hundred and forty a hundred and forty one hundred forty
Feed method(F/R) F F F F/R F/R F/
Steam/cooling change method Automatic Computerized Computerized Automatic Computerized Computerized
Shipping volume( m³ ) five twelve 20 26 29 32
Equipment excess weight(kg) 2300 4200 6500 8800 10600 14000
Put in dimension(mm) 2150χ 1350χ 2200 2350χ 1550χ 2400 2570χ 2180χ 2570 3370χ 2460χ 3180 3550χ 2560χ 3220 4245χ 2950χ 3380
Chum up shaft forwand speed(RPM) 38/32 38/32 38/32 38/32 38/32 38/32
Chum up shaft backwand speed(RPM) 29/twenty five 29/25 29/25 29/25 29/25 29/25

Rubber Kneader Machine X  N-110